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We know parents work the early shift and some parents work the later shift, and parents need a safe and reliable place to leave their children so that they can go to work and rest assured their children are being taken care of in a positive environment. Parents can drop their children off at our program in the morning and be confident their children will be in competent hands. Students can also be dropped off in the evening after their home school lets out until their parent’s shift ends. If your student does not attend Adventist Christian Academy and attends a school in the surrounding area, transportation will need to be arranged for pick-up and transport to their home school in the morning, and/or drop off at our program in the afternoon. 


We will engage your child in a loving environment, provide time for the completion of homework, clubs and classes, offer time to be active and get out in the fresh air as weather permits and provide activities for indoor activity based upon weather conditions. We will also provide an afternoon snack to fuel the children until parents pick them up at the conclusion of their shift. We will seek to partner with community agencies to provide opportunities as partnerships are developed, information will be shared and communicated.

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